China Fertigung

China Auftragsfertigung

Industrial Projects - OEM

This section is oriented to manufacturers, start-ups, inventor or patent holders.

We offer to take over the entire product development process – from optical design, technical drafts, prototyping and production CAD-data up to - finally - manufacturing.
In addition to component procurement, we also offer assembly services. In short, we offer the entire value chain from the idea to ready-for-shelf products. We could even arrange distribution services to final users.

Of course, customers don't have to outsource the entire value-chain but can contract any desired procurement step.

Our service will be carried out in accordance to the price and quality requirements of our customers.
We do everything possible to protect our customers intellectual property. Usually, but not necessarily, our production operations take place in Asia. Engineering services and -if necessary- also (parts of) assembly take place in Europe.

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