China Import

China Import

Consumer Goods

Below you will find products which our customers offer in the private consumer market.

  • Infra-red sauna

China Infrared Sauna Room

Based on the customer's verbal explanations, we designed two models of Infra-red sauna and deliver the final products to our customers -prepared for easy assembly at the end-users home.

  • Christmas balls, hand-painted from the inside

China Import

Our artists carefully paint the glass balls from the inner side. Various sizes, a broad selection of patterns and even customized designs like company logos are available. Each glass ball is packaged in an attractive gift box.

  • Mini-Towels, folded in cake-design

China Import

Nicely decorated small size towels are folded and presented to resemble a piece of cake. The product comes wrapped in transparent packaging and is a very nice gift or giveaway.

  • Wooden cloth hangers

China Cloth Hanger

For a well known Austrian upmarket fashion retailer, we produce the wooden cloth hangers for their in-store-use. The product comes painted and with printed logo in accordance to the corporate identity. Because of confidentiality reasons, in the above picture the logo has been removed.

  • Starlight engine


The product feeds light into optical fibre bundles. The end-points of the fibres appear in the form of small, brightly illuminated dots. Installed in ceilings, the fibres give the impression of a star-lit sky. Permanent color as well a gradually changing color mode can be set. A remote control is available. The main application of this product is in wellness related environments.

  • Shoetree


This shoetree, made of cedar, offers multiple adjustment features.

  • Reflective vest


For various customers, aentrada OG provided reflective vests with logos and promotion messages printed on them.

  • Fireplace accessory


A German company used to produce this item in Germany. Due to increasing competition in the market, the company had to bring down cost. aentrada OG organized its production in China, exactly copying the provived product resembling "antique-looks". We delivered one set including a broom, a shovel and a skewer. A part of the delivery we delivered readily packaged for shelf-display, the rest of the delivery was packaged for further customization by our client.

  • Wood basket


This wood basket follows the above example, another offer to the end-user in form of a decorative wood basket.

  • Whirlpool


The depicted whirlpool is inflatable and can be heated. We delivered ready-for-shelf.

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