China Import

China Import

Industrial Goods

In this section we display industrial products and components and items we designed for later production. You will find examples of engineering services, OEM manufacturing services, electrical and electronic goods as well as items from the field of mechanical engineering.

  • Multi color light system based on LEDs

Led Light Color

According to our customer's verbal description, we have designed as well as manufactured this product. The product was delivered to the customer packaged ready for sale.

  • Development of electronic products

Electronic PCB

This printed circuit board is one component of a bigger project. The inventor had a clear concept of the desired functionality of the product and how to market it in mind. aentrada OG took over the whole implementation process, from the appearance, through the technical design and development, component purchasing in Asia, assembly in Austria, up to the order fullfillment of end-users.

  • Design of electronic circuits

Display, Schaltung

On customers order aentrada OG, teaming up with BHT, designs electronic circuits. Typically, the output of such a project is printouts, a set of electronic data and documentation material, sufficient for a third party to continue with further downstream tasks.

  • Electronic PCB layout

Display, Layout PCB

Electronic designs, preferably but necessarily done by aentrada OG and BHT, can be layouted by us. The result of this service is a set of "Gerber-Files".

  • Electronic circuit manufacturing, PCB production

Display, Herstellung PCB

We offer the production of electronic PCBs, no matter whether designed by aentrada OG and BHT or provided by the customer. We deliver printed but otherwise naked PCBs as well as units assembled with components.

  • Mechanical components


This part was produced in small lot sizes. In production, a lathe disposing of rotating tools was used.


Also the part's CAD-design was made by aentrada OG and BHT. The CAD-design was optimized for processes applying rotating tools.

  • Injection moulding – machine parts

China Injection Molding

This item is made of elastomer with an integrated steel core. In order to achieve the required durability of the product, it was necessary to treat the elastomere raw material with additives in a complex mixing process. Furthermore, special adhesives had to be applied to the steel core. The customer provided us with the CAD data, the manufacturing took place in China. The raw material for the production was - for specification reasons - of European origin.

  • Steel casting

China Steel Casting

Manufactured in small series in Asia based on the customer's CAD data.

  • Fasteners

Bolts Nuts Fasteners

Our customer orders a years demand and keeps the goods on stock to supply them to his industrial clients.

  • Bolts made of Titanium

Bolts Nuts Titanium

We can also supply bolts and nuts made of Titanium. The depcted M12x60 weighs 38 gramms only, aprox. half the weight of a similar A2-Stainless-steel bolt.

  • Sprayer

China Import

The customer is a Germany company, who needs the sprayers for their own production. The customer's core business is the bottle's content but not the plastic parts.

  • Push-button, chrome

verchromter Taster

The customer is in the business of lighting, he manufactures his products in Austria. Of course, some of the components are procured externally. The depicted push-in button he obtained through aentrada OG.

  • Horn, chrome, customized sound

Sirene, Chrom

Our customer supplies to the motorcycle accessories industy. He was looking for horns with a very individual sound-melody and a chromed surface. aentrada OG found him a supplier in China who was able and willing to produce a comparatively small number of horns with this very special sound implemented. We imported the components, due to quality reasons we did the chromme-plating process in Europe. Of course, final assembly also had to be done locally.

  • Infrared remote control

Fernbedienung, Infrarot

The customer produces multi-media equipment for home PCs. This IR-Remote was coded according to his required hex-code.

  • Datacable

Firewire 1394

An Austrian manufacturer of electronics needed a Firewire 1394 cable for his production. However, he needed a customized plug on one end of the cable and required very high flexibility of the cable. aentrada OG had the cable produced for him through our Chinese network.

  • Ambient aroma


By carefully applying aromas and scents into malls, rooms and other venures it is possible to even further increase the feelgood factor in a premise. Our customer is an industry expert regarding aromas and their utilization in e.g. gastronomy, shoppingmalls, cinemas or small shops. He has a wide offer of high quality scents, adjustable to the requirements of his customers.
Through aentrada OG he procures computerized equipment to introduce the aromas via the central air conditioning installation of the respective premise. The image shows one of the system's components.

  • Helicopter, remote controled

Helikopter, komplett

Helikopter, Chassis

Helikopter, Antrieb

The images belong to a design and prototyping project of aentrada OG's eingineering partner BHT. The goal of the project was to develop a sophisticated RC-helicopter for the advanced, demanding end-user segment. A set of CAD data and a fully functional prototype was developed, the customer received ready-for-production data.
Above images show CAD shots of the helicopter, of its frame and its power-train.

  • Engine test bench

Prüfstand, Motor

Our partner BHT designed and built this test bench for engine testing.

  • Glider, heavy duty, remote controlled


This ultra-light RC powered glider has a wing span of aprox. 5 meters, is powered by a set of electromotors and can carry a payload of 7 kg. Thanks to the ultra-light construction, it can be airborne for aprox. 10-12 hours. Its main application is the entertainment industry to obtain aerial videos of events.
Design and construction done by our partner BHT.

  • Pilots-Eye, remote controlled


The above glider's operation range goes beyond the visibility of the person in charge of the remote control. Therefore a 3-dimensionally rotatable camera was needed to serve as pilots-eye.

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