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China Import

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aentrada OG is a "Business-Enabler" between China and Europe. We help European as well as Chinese customers to benefit from the advantages of globalization.

aentrada OG is not just one more import-export business, but rather a project oriented company, delivering a high level of "value-added" in services rendered. We import, we manufacture, we develop and design optical as well as technical solutions. Doing this, we work on projects covering all the processes along the value-chain specific to each industry.

We focus particularly on small and medium-sized companies, which are - due to their structure - not prepared to carry out international activities by themselves. aentrada OG undertakes import businesses either on its own account - acting as intermediary - or on the customers behalf - acting as representative.

In Austria, aentrada OG collaborates with a number of specialised associate companies. With their contribution, we optimize the processing of all types of inquiries and assignments.

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China Import
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