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China Import

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Our History:

We started out in 2004, by then named Mandarin-Trade OEG. In the year 2010, we renamed our company to aentrada OG. However, the ownership structure and the performing team remained untouched.

The Team:

Our concept is the direct collaboration of Chinese and European individuals and companies. This enables our customers to benefit directly from Chinese companies' service without middlemen.

Our company is registered in Austria, the management combines both cultures and both languages through its founders. In China, aentrada OG maintains a network of local partner companies. A Chinese Managing Director, with whom we are in long lasting mutual trustful relation, conducts our business activities in Asia.

The Individuals:

Zheng YE, Managing Partner  (Business Asia, based in Europe)

  • Bachelor of Law
  • Master of Business Administration – MBA
  • Lawyer (Chengdu – China)
  • Assistant to the Vice President, Daimler-Chrysler North East Asia
  • Sales Manager (Asia), production machinery
  • Sales Manager (Asia), high-tech industry
  • Co-founder, aentrada OG

Gert Rechenmacher, Managing Partner (Operations)

  • Master of Electrical Engineering
  • Master Business Administration – MBA
  • Product Manager, medical engineering
  • Test Engineering, semi-conductor industry
  • Turn-around Management and Logistics
  • Management Consultant, e-commerce
  • Vice President of Sales, high-tech industry
  • Co-founder, aentrada OG

Yan Ding YE, Managing Director China

  • Bachelor of Civil Engineering
  • Engineer. Beijing Design Institute of China Light Industry Ministry
  • Vice General Manager, Jilin Design Institute of China Light Industry Ministry
  • General Manager, Chengdu Design Institute of China National Council of Light Industry
  • Senior Consultant, Chengdu Engineering Design Co., Ltd. (Subsidiary of China National Council of Light Industry)
  • Partner, aentrada OG

Associated Companies in Austria:

Technik-Welt Cebular

Technik-Welt is a trading company, highly technically oriented and with very broad technical know-how. The company attends to its customers either through direct contact or through the Industry-Internet-Shop together with the specialized accoustics Visaton-Web-Shop (both links will be opened in a new window).

Because of its large product portfolio, Technik-Welt is an attractive industrial partner and system provider for a wide clientele.

Besides its trading activities, Technik-Welt has assembly capacity and consignment facilities as well.


The consultancy BTH-Solutions offers engineering services. The company is specialized in

  • electrical engineering and circuit design
  • CAD in the mechanical engineering sector
  • prototyping
  • small batch production

You will find contact details for BHT-Solutions following this link, which opens in a new window.

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